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10.                interesting facts about

                    Bosnia and Herzegovina


01.   The name Bosana is derived from the Indo-European word Bosana, meaning water. Bosnia and Herzegovina has many beautiful rivers, lakes, waterfalls as well as access to the Adriatic Sea coastline. The name Herzegovina originates  from Bosnian grand duke Stjepan  Herceg’s name (Hercog in German, which later evolved into Herceg).

02.   In 1984, Sarajevo was the host city to the Olympic Games and what is interesting, they were the first Winter Olympic Games held in a socialist state. The winter sports date all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. There were many ice skating places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but competitions were held in the main one every Friday, on a long rink that stretched all the way to Baščaršija. For it to look festive, the rink was covered in painted water, making it beautiful and colourful.

03.   The very first trams that were used in Europe were in Sarajevo at the beginning of 1885. Johan Hanke was the first tram driver who used a white horse in the horse-drawn tram that could fit up to 28 people. The bell was used to commence the beginning of the journey, as well as a horn for the passing pedestrians.

04.   Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered to be in the 12th place in the world where people drink coffee during the entire day. The coffee drinking tradition starts off with a conversation while the fine coffee grounds are being prepared with boiling water, it is smelled and then drunk. The coffee is consumed with great passion (merak) or not at all.

05.   Sarajevo  Clock Tower is a cultural heritage site and the only clock in the world that keeps lunar time.

06.   Međugorje is a small town located next to Mostar, which over time became a popular Catholic pilgrimage site due to reports of alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary by a group of local children. Millions of pilgrims have visited this site since 1991.

07.   Located in the National Park Sutjeska, Peručica is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. Some of the trees are more than 300 years old, and the forest itself is considered to be around 20,000 years old. Some trees are up to 300 meters in height, and the forest occupies an area of around 1,291 hectares.

08.   In the small town of Konjic, which is set next to the river Neretva, a nuclear  bunker  was built. Also known by the name  of Atomic War Command,  it was built to protect Yugoslav President  Josip Broz Tito and up to 350 members of his inner circle. The bunker covers an area of 6,854 m² and is divided into 12 interconnecting blocks. The structure is made up of residential areas, confrence rooms, offices, strategic planning rooms, and other areas. The construction  and exsictance of the bunker remained a state secret until 1990, when it was opened to the public.

09.   Stone spheres were discovered in a forest near town Zavidovići and they are one of the biggest mysteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. No one knows how they came to Bosnia, what is their purpose or who made them. In the municipality of Zavidovići, around 50 stone spheres have been found and the biggest site is located in Duboki Potok (Deep Creek) in the village Grab, located only 2km from the center of Zavidovići. The phenomena  of the stone spheres is very rare in the world. Apart from Costa Rica and Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only place in the world where the stone spheres can be found.

10.   Bosnia and Herzegovina also has pyramids. Some archeologists claim that the Visočica hill and the two nearby hills in the town of Visoko hide the Bosnian pyramids.

If you have never been  to this small European country full of cultural contradictions, warm and welcoming people as well as beautiful, pristine  nature,  you definitely must  pay it a visit. If you are still not convinced, we bring you 10 interesting facts about  Bosnia and Herzegovina which will impress you.